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Medivation3D Printing for Medical & Manufacturing

Our Stratasys J750 printer allows you to create realistic, customized products with simplicity, efficiency and versatility

  • 360,000 true colors and gradient options
  • Color Mapping allows you to create color transfers from one object to another object of color. Opaque and translucent also available.
  • Texturized mapping and optional multi-materials to create a customized replicated model or prototype
  • Ability to combine hard and flexible materials within one model

Our Stratasys F370 printer allows you to

  • Print prototypes, concept models, injection molds, tools and production parts.
  • Hard and durable production-grade FDM Thermoplastic material.
  • Ability to print functional parts
  • Accurate printing
  • Minimal print time for fast delivery
  • Economical with reduction in material wastes
  • Low-risk production and affordability

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